Junk’s Above is a New Orleans thrift store by St. Patrick Park in Mid City.  It’s housed in what used to be a plumbing supply building.  You’ll mainly find tchotchkes inside with the occasional chair or lamp.  If there is wood furniture inside, you can bet your bottom it’s real.  No phony particleboard or cheap plastics.  Our motto is: “glass, wood, metal, porcelain”  If your money isn’t long, take a peak into our dollar closet.  Everything inside of it is a dollar or less.  If your money is long buy that Fiji water at the counter you heard me.

“The junk’s above, on the second floor.” That was how the idea of selling junk started. Hoards of junk were being stockpiled on the second floor of a shoe store with the intention of selling off the various items for profit. However, the company was never able to obtain legal operation due to code enforcement. Staying on the grind, all the junk found a new home on the first floor of an old plumbing warehouse. There was no second floor but the name stuck – Junk’s Above ⬆️ Mainly because it was already registered with the SOS. There is no second floor with secret junk on it so quit asking. And if there was a secret floor with junk on it I wouldn’t tell you there is a secret floor with junk on it bc it wouldn’t be a secret junk floor would it.

Fun fact: the building also held storage for Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville products. We are hoping to have Jimmy stop by sometime to tell our guest a fun cocktail story or maybe a catchy hum about a condiment. That could be fun.