I put plants in these

Green thumb I am not, but it may work by chance.  That is, not doing a dang thing with these succulents and still they grow.  One of the employees has an indoor greenhouse with multiple tiny plants.  Most are of the succulent type.  Some grow well while others do not, she states.  She’s so jealous of the outside garden at the store because it seems all plants continue to thrive.

“What’s my secret?” she asks me.

“Not a dang thing.” I say.

I scout out items made completely out of metal.  Depending on the item, these usually date to pre 70’s. Metallic items make excellent outdoor planters since they take some time to break down. Wood will start to deteriorate over time, and plastics become dingy.  Look out for cash registers, lawn mowers, typewriters, metal buckets, tire rims, etc.  Left outdoors, these junks will start to patina over time.  They will rust, ya dummy, and look great (if you’re into that).  Also look for ceramics (toilets, sinks) if you like white junk.

Heres a tip:  Place air filter material at the bottom of the objects for better drainage.

Most times, rocks are used to hold the compost while allowing water to drain. The problem occurs when you want to change out the soil or repot the plant and the rocks become mixed in with the soil. You’ll have to redo the rock layer while your soil contains more rocks in it.  Use filter material, dish scrub pads, or something similar.  Don’t use sponges. They hold in moisture creating bacteria.

Back to the succulents.  I’m not sure why they stay alive for me outside in the sun. I’m sure they get shading from the building and don’t require much water.  Maybe they love the fact that they are in the drawers of a cash register.

So plant your succulents in an all metal item and you’ll get the looks.