Sit your butt down

There was something about this chair that I found on the side of the road.  The seat was missing and I told myself I didn’t have enough time to redo, upcycle, fix, etc this little piece of crap.  So I offered it up for $1.  It sat in the store for about 3 months.  No one wanted it.  I couldn’t throw it out.  I liked something about it.  Was it junk?  Real wood, pan head screws, and a nice hand carved backing…  fine, I’ll do it.  With some copper and gold paint I started the revival.  Was it the color I wanted, not really but I need to start using what I have and I have an abundance of gold and copper paint.  Then the seat??? Uhh, foam with fabric? Patch a piece of ply wood in?  It had several holes for the twine…. ok, got it.  Parachute chord that bad boy.  And 3 Pelican games later there you go.  The end.